We LOVE bees!

They make us delicious honey and they pollinate the food crops and plants that help us to survive. They also get us outside and connected to nature which is great for our physical and mental health. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience about bees and beekeeping with children to help them learn about protecting the environment and to get them out into nature.

Have you found a swarm of bees?


Contact the Croydon Beekeepers Association swarm coordinator, visit the CBKA website for more information http://www.croydonbeekeepers.org.uk/do-you-have-swarm/ 

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Visit our Eventbrite page to book a family bee experience this summer. www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mrs-burneys-bee-club-cic-48065720193Week day events are also available - get in touch to find out availability 07810172938 or debbie@mrsburneysbeeclub.co.uk ❤️🐝 ... See MoreSee Less
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Thanks for the tag Surrey Hills Community Radio , it was a great show. Thanks for encouraging people to care for bees too ❤️🐝⭐ Work Experience 2022 ⭐RosieK Radio 📻On today’s final show, I talked all things bees 🐝 I was joined by The Chair of Surrey Beekeepers Association, Bob Maurer, who gave us a fascinating insight into the wonders of honey bees. Bob shared some fun facts about bees: bees have been on earth for 150 million years, a worker bee produces a 12th of a tea spoon of honey during her short life of just 6 weeks, and bees need to visit 2 million flowers to make a pound of honey! I took this opportunity to highlight the difficulties facing our natural world and it’s fight for survival. I encouraged everyone to take part in the Butterfly Conservation Big Butterfly Count.What a week it’s been! I have loved every second and I have learnt so much. I want to thank the team at Surrey Hills Community Radio for making it happen, especially Kayleigh and Dave - when I came to meet you in April, I truly thought I’d just be making the tea! Rosie K signing off...for now. BBKA - The British Beekeepers Association Epsom Beekeepers Association Reigate Beekeepers Association Weybridge Beekeepers Croydon Beekeeping Association Mrs Burney's Bee Club CIC ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you Carshalton College art department and Ms Vigurs for these amazing bee murals. The shed looks fantastic and they will really help with teaching our visitors all about honeybees. ❤️🐝 ... See MoreSee Less
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The thistles at our @frylandswood apiary are super popular with all sorts of different pollinators at the moment. Thistles have a deep root system so are able to survive periods of reduced rainfall like we are having right now. They are an essential source of nectar for pollinators at the moment. ❤️🐝 ... See MoreSee Less
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our mission is....

Educating and inspiring children through the world of bees, so they are more confident, curious and engaged with their environment.

are you an adult interested in beekeeping?

Contact our partner organisation, the Croydon Beekeepers Association, to find out more about how to get started in this fascinating hobby.