A Family Bee Experience

I have had so much fun with the families that have been to visit the bees for our family bee experience. It’s such a joy to give people their first experience of looking inside a bee hive. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of bees and beekeeping with them.

Spotting the queen at our pre beehive chat

What You Can Expect

If you come for a visit, I will meet you in the car park before we walk up the hill to the apiary. Visitors love it when we walk through the secret tunnel into our beautiful bee sanctuary. ‘It’s like a hidden island’ one guest remarked. Tea, coffee, squash and cakes are provided as refreshments while you sit down to hear all about the honeybee. We will talk about what you can expect to see during your hive experience.

Next, we will all get on our bee suits and discuss how we can stay safe at the hive. Bees are very sensitive to movement so we have our Bee Club mantra to help keep us safe – ‘Bee calm, Bee quiet, Bee Bee slow.’ The worse thing you can do around a bee is wave your hands around and shout.

The entrance to our apiary

Opening the Hive

Once everyone is suited up and checked, we will light the smoker and go through the gate to the beehives. This is really the wow moment of the experience. I love people’s reactions when I lift the lid of the hive and they see thousands of bees crawling over the frames. We look through the frames to find the different stages of brood, honey stores and the male drone bees. If we’re lucky we might even spot a waggle dance or the elusive queen! Everyone has the opportunity to hold a frame if they want to and get a close up encounter with the bees and there is lots of time for photos.

After the hive is closed we go back through the gate to take off our suits. There is a chance to have another cup of tea and to ask any questions. If you and your family would like to come for a family bee experience Contact us via our website. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/mrsburneysbeeclub or on Instagram http://www.instragram.com/mrsburneysbeeclubor on Instagram http://www.instragram.com/mrsburneysbeeclub to keep up to date with all our shenanigans.

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