How to Book

We offer lots of ways for children to experience bees! From private family sessions, to after school clubs. Keep reading for more information, or if you have any questions get in touch!​


Join us for a family bee experience at Mrs Burney’s Bee Club anytime between June and September when our bees are at their busiest. Come to our apiary in Fryland’s Wood Scout centre and learn all about the honeybee and her behaviour. Lasting about 2 hours, we will give you a brief introduction to the honeybee tailored to the age range of your party before we put on our bee suits and open the hive. There will be time for tea (or squash) and cake, along with answers to any questions you might have at the end. Up to six people can attend (up to two adults and up to four children). Children must be aged 5 and up please.

If you would like to buy this experience as a gift, we can give you a voucher which can be used up to 18 months after purchase.

Group price: £140 for two hours

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Junior Bee Club

We are offering a limited number of places for children aged 8-13 to attend weekly bee keeping classes starting from February 2022 some children will be able to work towards a Junior Beekeeping qualification.

We will be learning all about how a hive works and how to manage colonies in the classroom then, when the weather warms up, we will be opening the hives each week and learning about what is happening inside. Children will not only learn about how bees benefit our environment, but they will be outside more and connected to the seasons and nature – something that we are all in need of now.

Classes will cost £12 per week but we have a sliding scale of pricing so, if you are in receipt of certain benefits, we can offer you a reduced price.

Scout groups and Youth groups

We are part of the activity offering at Fryland’s Wood Scout Outdoor Centre. We can offer a 90-minute bee experience for 6 children or a two-and-a-half-hour session for 12 children. They will learn all about the different bees in a hive and the lifecycle of the honeybee before we get our PPE on and have a look inside the hives. Please contact Frylands directly to arrange a visit to our apiary for your group.

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Beekeeping can be a powerful tool for motivating children and teaching them all sorts of life skills as well as connecting them to nature and their environment. Mrs Burney’s Bee Club CIC can bring beehives onto your school grounds and offer an after-school club for your children in Years 4 to 6. We will start in February in the classroom, teaching children about how the colony works and how to handle the bees. When the weather warms up lessons will be outside at the hive for the remainder of the beekeeping season. All equipment will be provided by Mrs Burney’s Bee Club CIC and the price of the club will be paid for by parents. We can offer a sliding scale of pricing to ensure that all families can afford to take part should they be interested.

If you would like a site survey to assess your school’s suitability for keeping bees, please get in touch. If you are worried your school site is not suitable please still contact us as there may be other arrangements we can make to accommodate you.

Mrs Burney is available to come to school and give an assembly or lesson to a year group around any aspect of bees or beekeeping. You can also bring a group of children to visit our bees at Frylands Wood to support any learning you are doing in school. Please get in touch to find out more.