Show Me The Honey

with Guest Blogger Darcey Mae This summer it was my great pleasure to mentor one of the contestants on the new CBBC programme, ‘Show Me The Honey’. Darcey Mae was one of the four children picked to receive a hive of bees to look after. She has been an absolute dream to mentor and has […]

How Do Bees Make Honey?

It’s the time every beekeeper longs for – Honey harvest time! But how do bees make honey? WARNING! Don’t read this blog if you love honey and are a bit squeamish! Why the warning? Well bees essentially make honey by regurgitating nectar into each others mouths. I always reassure myself with the fact that they […]

A Family Bee Experience

I have had so much fun with the families that have been to visit the bees for our family bee experience. It’s such a joy to give people their first experience of looking inside a bee hive. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of bees and beekeeping with them. What You Can Expect If you […]


Mrs Burney’s Bee Club and the Fryland’s Wood staff had great fun collecting a swarm of bees this week. One of the hives at the apiary swarmed. Swarming is how bee colonies reproduce. When the bees in the hive decide they need some more space they use an ordinary worker egg to make a new […]

Beekeeping with a Scouting Group

The 28th Croydon Beavers Elder colony came to visit Mrs Burney’s Bee Club last week at our apiary in Frylands Wood Scout Camp This was the first time Mrs Burney has been beekeeping with a scouting group. A fun time was had by all. Shortly after the the 12 Beavers arrived, I told them […]

Starting Out with School Beekeeping

Mrs Burney has been supporting two members of staff at Coombe Wood School as they embark on their school beekeeping journey. As part of my membership with the Croydon Beekeepers Association (CBKA) I sometime offer mentoring for new beekeepers. Deputy Head, Duncan Holding, and teaching assistant, Marianne Doe, are members of staff at the Coombe […]