Assistant Beekeeper Job Description

Job title

Support beekeeper

Contract type

Part time casual


Flexible TBA

Hourly rate


Main purposes of job









Help support the lead beekeeper deliver sessions to groups of children that come to visit the apiary.


Build rapport with clients in order to encourage            onward referrals and positive reviews.


Have experience of working or engaging with children and able to form positive relationships.


Key tasks


















Help to set up Frylands Wood group sessions before they begin.


Open a beehive with a group of up to six children following the appropriate operating procedures.


Ensure visitors are following the safety procedures in place.


Be able to handle frames competently, identifying and sharing the main points of interest with the group.


Supervise visitors holding a frame of bees safely.


Answer questions from children or other guests.


Be able to follow first aid procedures in the event of a child being stung or another incident occurring. (First aid training not required.)


Additional :Helping with hive inspections at our Frylands Wood apiary or at one of our school apiaries.

In the future there may be a need for the additional beekeeper to cover group sessions or JBC lessons to cover sickness or holiday


Key results/objectives












High levels of engagement from clients when at the hive.


Positive scores from client feedback surveys and reviews.


Knowledge competencies as measured by BBKA examinations/practical assessments.


Responsible for staff/equipment


Help to clear away at the end of the session.

Ensure all equipment is stored safely and in accordance with procedures.

Reporting to…


Debbie Burney – Lead beekeeper

Other requirements

Safeguarding Training

DBS check

Must be able to travel to Frylands Woods Apiary