Show Me The Honey

with Guest Blogger Darcey Mae

This summer it was my great pleasure to mentor one of the contestants on the new CBBC programme, ‘Show Me The Honey’. Darcey Mae was one of the four children picked to receive a hive of bees to look after. She has been an absolute dream to mentor and has picked up the art of beekeeping brilliantly. I asked her to guest write a blog for us at Mrs Burney’s Bee Club CIC.

Here I am showing Darcey Mae and her dad inside one of my hives

Here’s what she wrote…

When I found out that I was lucky enough to be selected for the CBBC TV programme ‘Show Me The Honey’ I was super excited! As part of the process, I got to go to bee school where I learnt lots about bees, but having someone close to our home who I could call upon when I was unsure or needed reassurance was a life saver! Luckily the show signed my family up to my local bee keeping association and we were given my bee mentor, Debbie. I soon learnt that bees are wonderful, and fascinating, but they also keep you on your toes!! There is a lot to learn and Debbie was always on hand to help answer any of my questions. She taught us by letting us look in her own hives and she came to our house to help make sure that I was doing the right things with our colony. She’s really calm and no question is a silly question in her eyes!
I can’t wait for the show to air on TV and for everyone to see my hive. Thank you Debbie for all of your help 🐝

Darcey Mae’s beehive with the golden bee she won in the first episode.

Thank you Darcey Mae for your contribution to the blog and for being such a super beekeeper. ❤

Watch the first episode of Show Me The Honey on BBC iplayer. See the rest of the episodes at 5:30pm on Thursdays.

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